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Personal Authentication Certificate for Email Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate

Secure Emails & Documents and Authenticate Users

This certificate secure your documents, email communication (iPhone, Gmail, iPad, Android, Apple Mail, Outlook,, Yahoo! Mail and many more.) and establish your authentication against online services like banking, government, administration, authorised signatory etc.

CPAC Basic Certificate authenticate only email address of the signatory while Pro Certificate authenticate email address and Name and CPAC Enterprise Certificate authenticating email address, Name and Company Name, Company Address etc.

CPAC Basic - Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate

CPAC Basic - Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate

Using Comodo CPAC Basic Email Singing certificate you can digitally sign your emails and documents as well as encrypt confidential emails so that unauthorized persons can not read it. You can also use this certificate to establish secure connection / ...

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CPAC Pro - Comodo Personal Authentication Pro Certificate

CPAC Pro - Comodo Personal Authentication Pro Certificate

Comodo CPAC Pro Email Signing certificate provides a higher level of trust to users by authenticating email address and the full name of document signatory. So in addition to the basic level, it provides a higher level of trust.

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CPAC Enterprise - Comodo CPAC Enterprise Certificate

CPAC Enterprise - Comodo CPAC Enterprise Certificate

Comodo CPAC Enterprise Email Signing certificate includes your email, name, company name and company address. It posses the highest level of trust as it authenticates the business and protects from the advanced network attacks like man-in-the-middle ...

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CPAC SSL Certificate encrypt and sign email and documents communicated over network (PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT etc.). SO it make sure that only authorised person can access content of email. 

  • CPAC pro can be used for email signing and for authentication purpose
  • Also can sign PDF but adobe will show this error when signed using CPAC.
  • For signing pdf documents customer need to purchase Document Signing Certificate

CPAC SSL Certificate digitally sign email communications (MS Outlook and other mail clients) and documents in about all formats like PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS. PPT etc.
CPAC SSL Certificate is Two-factor ie two way authentication of users and employees over the network/ internet.
CPAC SSL Certificate can digitally sign Microsoft® Office, OpenOffice, Adobe, and other type of documents.
CPAC SSL Certificate fully support all major email clients ( iPhone, Gmail, iPad, Android, Apple Mail, Outlook,, Yahoo! Mail and many more) and internet browsers (Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla and phone browsers)
CPAC SSL Certificate is very easy to roll out to employees or customers

CPAC Basic vs CPAC Pro vs CPAC Enterprise

Here is 3 variants of CPAC SSL Certificate and it required to carefully decide which one is needed for your specific purpose. Each variant of CPAC SSL provide Email Encryption, Email Signing, Document Signing and Client Authentication but there is difference in authentication level as per industry requirements:

CPAC Basic Certificate authenticate only email address of the signatory and require domain control validation only.

CPAC Pro Certificate authenticate email address and Name (full name) and require domain ownership validation including identity verification of user.

CPAC Enterprise Certificate further enhance security by authenticating email address, Name (full name), Company Name, Company Address and require domain control validation, Identity Validation and Organisation Validation.

How to use Comodo CPAC ?

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate or CPAC SSL sign any valuable and critical personal or company document, and ensuring compliance with industry requirements of digitally signed documents. CPAC certificate authenticate establish the authenticity of signatory. These certificates can be installed on programs like email client, Microsoft office, Open Office, Adobe Acrobat. These programs allow insert the certificate in the document at the time of production and publication of document. CPAC SSL Certificates help you migrate from ink & paper to digital workflows of contracts, sign-offs, request forms and other important company documents, working in tandem with or replacing the visible signature feature in Microsoft® products such as Microsoft Office Suite, Open Office Suite, VBA Macros and more.

CPAC Import / CPAC Installation Overview

CPAC Import or CPAC Installation is the process of enabling this personal digital certificate for signing email from your PC or the mail client installed there. To sign a email the certificate must be installed on the system, it can be imported or installed via browser you are using like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. To launch certificate import wizard, go to "Manage Certificates" section in advanced settings of Chrome browser, now "Import" button available in the Certificates window, clicking the "Import" button will launch "Certificate Import Wizard". After successful import the certificate will be available for various email clients and document signing also.

Export CPAC SSL to other PC / machine or Smartphone

Exporting of CPAC SSL Certificate is used for transferring the digital certificate from one machine to another and this feature is also used for keeping backup of SSL certificate file. To export the certificate it should be installed on the machine from which it need to be exported. A web browser can be used to open the 'Certificate Import Wizard' which can be also used to export the ssl certificate file to transfer on another machine. Open your browser settings and then advanced settings, click on 'Manage Certificate' section to launch 'Certificate Import Wizard'. Select the installed CPAC Certificate to be exported, click 'Export' button and follow instructions of wizard. You should export the 'Private key' to install the certificate on another machine. Export CPAC ssl in PKCS #12 (.pfx) file format and save on local drive, transfer it via email or USB to another machine which can be installed there.

How to secure Email by CPAC SSL certificate?

To secure the email communication over the network / internet comodo CPAC certificate must be installed on your system and the mail client must be configured to use the certificate and make encryption. CPAC creates a secure private channel of communication between receiver and sender of email. It help your company avoid accidental data exposure, breaches of privacy, and other security missteps that could lead to serious implications. Luckily, CPAC solutions add encryption strength up to 256-bit and a greater sense of security to your email communication.

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